Latest News

  • Weta PhD Scholarship Signing

    3/2013 — Now, a new PhD scholarship in Computer Graphics has been established at Victoria by the leading visual effects company.


  • The Academy Sci-Tech Awards in 2013

    2/2013 — One of our computer graphics teachers received a Sci-Tech Academy Award this February.

  • Student presentation at Weta

    2/2013 — Students from COMP308 visited Weta Digital in January to show their final projects.


  • First permanent faculty start

    7/2012 — The first full-time faculty for the graphics programme started in Trimester 2.


  • COMP 440,441 Students show work

    6/2012 — An open showing of the final projects from COMP 440 and 441 drew visitors from local industry including Weta. The courses were taught by Shane Cooper of Weta Digtal.